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Sách Luyện thi ETS TOEIC 2020 – Test 10: Reading (Phần 1)

Part 5

Directions: A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. Four answer choices are given below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence. Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.

  1. Sunwirth Sneakers has several ——- in the greater metropolitan area.

(A) locations

(B) locate

(C) located

(D) location

  1. Cimber CPAs offers clients the convenience of ——- their invoices online and by mail.

(A) buying

(B) paying

(C) going

(D) eating

  1. The new software at Patel Industries has been working ——- since it was installed last year.

(A) reliable

(B) to rely

(C) more reliable

(D) reliably

  1. Best practices in customer service are outlined ——- the training handbook.

(A) along

(B) toward

(C) over

(D) throughout

  1. The Scratch software will help us migrate our Client records ——- .

(A) simple

(B) simpler

(C) simply

(D) simplicity

  1. The comedian said that ——- sense of humor was inherited from a grandparent.

(A) herself

(B) her

(C) she

(D) hers

  1. Starting this August, Gavelton Bike Tours will be leading group cycling trips —— Paris to Berlin.

(A) from

(B) beside

(C) along

(D) after

  1. We haope to. ——- an agreement with Mason Cooper, Inc., within the next week.

(A) reach

(B) talk

(C) reason

(D) put

  1. Factory-floor managers must submit an inspection report at the end ——- their shift.

(A) if

(B) to

(C) of

(D) as

  1. —-—- a retail store, Seedum International will now sell merchandise only through its Web site.

(A) Sometimes

(B) Later

(C) Formerly

(D) Frequently

  1. Remarkably, neither Ms. Chen ——- Mr. Gillespie had been notified that the board meeting was canceled.

(A) or

(B) and

(C) with

(D) nor

  1. The new microwave soup containers are ——— than the previous ones.

(A) rigid

(B) most rigidly

(C) rigidly

(D) more rigid

  1. The Banly Tourism Society is ——— to present the first issue of its publication, The Banly Quarterly.

(A) regular

(B) general

(C) proud

(D) favorite

  1. Konixer Printers is conducting a thorough —–=- of current requests for equipment upgrades.

(A) evaluate

(B) evaiuation

(C) evaluator

(D) evaluative

  1. ——- the addition of 300 spaces, the ferry terminal’s parking area is still full by 9:00 a.m. every day.

(A) Despite

(B) Across

(C) Besides

(D) Inside

  1. Justlox, Inc, is planning to ——- redesign Model 543Q with its partners in Britain to ensure a better product.

(A) collaboration

(B) collaborative

(C) collaboratively

(D) collaborate

  1. Each box of Lane Permanent Markers contains an ——- of surprising colors.

(A) assortment

(B) excitement

(C) account

(D) industry

  1. We were pleased by the ——- and courteous reply we received from Astella Airlines concerning the change in itinerary.

(A) safe

(B) close

(C) clean

(D) prompt

  1. The rising employment rate is one factor contributing to ——- in the housing construction trade.

(A) grow

(B) growth

(C) grew

(D) grown

  1. The color of the new chairs was not ——- on the invoice.

(A) specify

(B) specified

(C) specifying

(D) specification

  1. Two hours is the ——- amount of time needed to complete the assignment.

(A) minimum

(B) temporary

(C) bottom

(D) durable

  1. A successful digital marketing campaign has helped Fossler Electronics —— its profit margins.

(A) stabilized

(B) stability

(C) stabilizing

(D) stabilize

  1. Applicants for the position of data manager are expected to have a minimum of three years’ ——- experience.

(A) supervisors

(B) supervisory

(C) supervise

(D) supervises

  1. The mayor’s speech at Monday’s business breakfast ——- and will be broadcast later this week.

(A) record

(B) recording

(C) being recorded

(D) was recorded

  1. The researchers ——- tested different formulas until the desired results were achieved.

(A) soon

(B) suddenly

(C) well

(D) repeatedly

  1. Loan specialists at Newton Bank can help your company ——- equipment purchases.

(A) commit

(B) associate

(C) reserve

(D) finance

  1. —— our partnership with Shox Gym, we are able to provide employees with a free membership to the fitness center.

(A) After all

(B) Because of

(C) For this reason

(D) As long as

  1. Mr. Tran asked the department whether ——–could work overtime on Friday.
  2. A) anyone
  3. B) anywhere
  4. C) anyway
  5. D) anyhow
  6. Canyonland Corporation will research the potential ——- of expanding Its overseas market to East Africa.

(A) deadline

(B) availability

(C) profitability

(D) emphasis

  1. Chef Lind’s cookbook, ——- will be available next week, contains only dessert recipes.

(A) who

(B) what

(C) which

(D) whose

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